Even though I use various techniques in my work, from digital drawing and photography to oil paintings, the common and primary focus of my works is on the body. My work began through an interest in video and film but soon I found drawing to be a freer form, not limited by temporal framing. Empty and atmospheric spaces serve as a backdrop for the body, while the sequence format allows me to join narrative form with the traditional format of the painting. Inspired by contemporary dance and abstract minimalism of the 20th century, I analyze personal iconography through diarylike collage of my own body. Subtle gestures entrapped in an image pose questions and leave space for the reaction and interpretation of the viewer. I explore the possibilities and limitations of the body, and the meaning that each movement emits.


2014   Master of Education in Fine Arts, The Academy of Arts Osijek, Croatia

2011   Bachelor of Fine Arts, The Academy of Arts Osijek, Croatia

2007   Sculpture Designer, School for Textiles, Design and Applied Arts, Osijek, Croatia

Exhibitions & Other

2018   Member of Croatian Association of Artists (HDLU)

2016   Four Corners of a Round World, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

2013   “Recycle!”, Terraneo Festival, Sibenik

2012   Demonstrator at the Illustration Workshop, University of Zadar, Croatia

2012   Solo Exhibition, organised by Association Druga Scena, Osijek, Croatia