The Story of Studio Hana Juric

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Satin Scarf Design

How I Became an Artist

The story behind my art gallery is not your typical business chronicle because it’s also my life story.

My name is Hana Juric, and I am a Croatian visual artist. I grew up in Belisce, a small town in the region of Slavonija, where there’s not much happening culturally. Still, the beautiful nature, many rivers, and forests make up for it. I started creating art in high school, where I studied to become a sculpture designer. I continued my art education in Osijek, and in 2014 I completed my Master’s degree in Education in Fine Arts.

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In my studio

The education part of my degree title was of no interest to me, so instead of teaching, I moved across the world to Canada and started working night shifts at a bakery. It’s a funny story that didn’t last for too long, but I continued to find different day jobs over the years and travel the world in search of inspiration.

Doing so, I never quit creating art. It was not an easy existence but crucial in following my path as an artist. I have seen so many independent art galleries and artists’ run centers, which I couldn’t find back home in Croatia.

It was a bittersweet experience, inspiring but at the same time frustrating. It made me painfully aware of the shortcomings of the Croatian cultural landscape. 

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Gallery space

From Artist to Entrepreneur

I lived in Lisbon, Portugal, with my long-term partner when she got a great job opportunity that involved moving back to Croatia. We moved to Zadar, on the Adriatic Sea, and I won’t lie – it was a struggle for me. Again, beautiful nature, but not much happening culturally. It wasn’t easy, but I continued to create art. Time passed by, and I quit looking outside for inspiration.

In 2019, we moved to Austria for a while. We were living in Graz, and there was a beautiful gallery walk right under our apartment. Small spaces, designer shops, and completely different, exciting art styles.

It was a wake-up call for me, and I realized I needed to become much more proactive in my environment.

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Paintings, textiles & prints

Moja Soba

The summer of 2019 was a time for action. I made a decision – instead of waiting for somebody else to do it, I was going to start my own art gallery! It was not just an art gallery in my mind – it was everything I was not getting from the city I was living in.

It may all sound very romantic, and it was nice to fantasize, but here come some hard facts –
I have no formal education in business. Except for being an avid fan of Shark Tank, I had no idea what I was doing. But I was so motivated to learn that I made it all work. I managed to write a business plan that got me a nice grant for small businesses.

The funding was sufficient to get me through the whole year. While the amount of Croatian paperwork was unbelievable, I was happy to find a tiny gallery space in the center of Zadar. With a little help from my friends, we made it work.

Originally, I chose the name Moja Soba (My Room) because the concept of the gallery was inspired by Virginia Woolf’s A Room Of One’s Own. Later on I decided to change the name to Studio Hana Juric, because after all, it is a place in which I am representing my own work.

“There is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.”

― Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own

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Large Prints

Studio Hana Juric

Studio Hana Juric is a commercial art gallery and a concept store. The focus is on developing artist products and creating artists-designer collaborations. I’m representing my own work but also featuring some amazing local artists as well. I would also like to inspire and educate other local artists to start their businesses.

Zadar is perfect for this type of venue – it’s a tourist city, and it’s hungry for some contemporary art! I am producing everything locally, and that is one of the backbone ideas of my business. It is a slow-paced production – and quality is always above quantity.

Unfortunately, the gallery’s physical place is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 situation, but there is a very cool online shop where you can find my art prints.

Hope to see you soon, and until then – keep in touch!