b 1988

Visual artist & independent art gallery owner based in Zadar, Croatia

Master of Education in Fine Arts, Art Academy in Osijek (2014)

Focus – painting / new media



My work is derived from personal experience and I often investigate the concept of presence. I use both computer software and traditional media to create seemingly simple and mostly abstract sequences. Editing is a crucial part of my creative process as I strive for clarity and transparency of the narrative. If any of my sequences were translated into a sentence they would read a very lucid manual on thought properties.



Moja Soba is an independent art gallery and concept store based in Zadar, Croatia, created in 2019 by Hana Juric. Moja Soba became an integral part of her work through developing new products and collaborations with other brands and artists. The focus of the gallery is on contemporary art, new media, high quality prints and local production. The name of the gallery directly translates to English as “My Room”, and it was inspired by Virginia Woolf’s classic “A Room of One’s Own”.

Although the physical space is closed for now due to COVID-19, the gallery remains active in many other ways. Check out our online shop and follow our instagram for more!